Hey there! I've noticed that this wiki has been inactive for a few years, and I don't know if anyone is planning on making any major or recent changes to this wiki, so I thought perhaps I could help make some major changes to help improve the wiki. For starters, some of the information here is incorrectly handled, such as some names being spelt wrong (which may be due to the game being published in two different languages) and details that are perceived to be true, but may/may not actually have the evidence to back it up. Alongside this, missing details which were available in the game, but not included here.

I can't guarantee I'll be an active member to change this wiki, (as I'm running several different wikis as I'm typing this...) however, one of my plans for major changes is changing the main language here. I plan on turning it into Italian, which I know may be an odd choice, considering that this game was only published in the US, but I think that people who know other languages should be more open to details of the game. That's all from me.